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Reviews, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Reviews, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In today's world a simple review can be defining to any business but even more impactful on a small local business that may not have a corporate hedge fund backing.  Society is more likely to go onto one of the many review sites to post what a company did wrong before they ever mention the things they did right.  As a business how you respond says more about you then the reviewer or the complaint being made.   

As a Property Management Company, we know just like every business, we are not going to make everyone happy, every time.  We also recognize as a business there may be growing pains but what we do with the feedback from our clients and customers is how we develop as a company and overcome some obstacles. 

TopFlight takes every review very personal, whether what is written is our version of events.   We respond to each review as personally as possible, and we thank the reviewer for their time and words, regardless of what is written.  As a way to do better, we view each review to do better and do better.  It doesn't matter to us if a bad review received isn't exactly how we saw things going, it is that we as a company made a customer or client feel the way they expressed in their review, so what can we do better to prevent this in the future.  

As a company we would much rather someone call us directly or set up a meeting to discuss why they are upset and find a common understanding then go straight to a review site that could tarnish a business's name for a simple misunderstanding.  A lot can be resolved and then there are no lingering hard feelings. 

Morale of the story, next time you are upset don't take to the internet without trying to work it out with the business and if you really love a business or if a business went above and beyond for you, take 2 minutes to fill the internet with positivity, even the smallest gesture has the largest impacts! 

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